Sligo CTC is linking with The Yeats Day Festival to celebrate the 150th birthday of W.B Yeats.  Over the past number of years the trainees from the CTC have linked in with the Yeats Day Festival and baked cupcakes that were handed out as part of the street celebrations. For the 2015, 150th birthday celebrations the CTC intend to develop the idea and introduce a mobile vintage cart. 
The Catering Tutor (Denyse Gray) and Art Tutor (Catherine Fanning) are working with the CTC trainees to create a mobile vintage cart, which will be painted and decorated in the colours of the CTC centre logo.  The cart will be run by three trainees dressed in 1930’s waiter/waitress outfits. The trainees will be handing out cupcakes that have been baked and decorated in the centres kitchen.

To build the structure of the cart we have enlisted the help of the Men’s Shed Project. The cart is made with wheels so it is mobile and can work its way around the different areas of the street celebrations.
Denyse and the catering trainees visiting the Men’s Shed Project.

Some of the trainees working on painting the mobile vintage cart in art class.