Today we are taking a look at the sports and recreation course available in the centre. This is a very popular course and is designed for trainees who are interested in working in the Health, Fitness & Leisure industriesTrainees participate in practical sport classes on a daily basis, including gym work, football and swimming. Trainees will work towards completing modules at level 3 in Soccer Skills and Health and Fitness, while some will also work on level 4 modules in Health Related Fitness and Customer Service.

Course Content:

  • Soccer Skills
  • Health and Fitness 
  • Health Related Fitness
  • Customer Service

Within these modules trainees will gain knowledge and experience of the above industries giving them a platform to progress on to further training or employment.

Various progressions are available for further training through the ETB courses in similar industries and the many PLC courses also available at level 5.

Another option available to trainees on successful completion of this course is 6 months full-time placement (Link-work) which can be offered to trainees who show commitment to progressing a career both in these industries and others.
Trainees performing a core exercise