Sports & Recreation

Course Overview

This course is designed for learners who are interested in working in the Health, Fitness and Leisure industries.

It primarily focuses on health, fitness and general well-being.  It gives an insight into a wide range of practical sports, recreation and exercise activities including soccer, swimming, cycling, hiking, along with weight and cardio training.

Learners will participate in both practical and theory elements to increase knowledge and confidence in these areas.

Modules Available on this Course

Level 3 Mandatory Modules

  • Application of Number 3N0928
  • Communications 3N0880
  • Word Processing 3N0588
  • Work Experience 3N0587

Level 4 Mandatory Modules

  • Communications 4N0689
  • Functional Mathematics 4N2138
  • Information Technology Skills 4N1125
  • Personal Effectiveness 4N1132
  • Work Experience 4N1168

Elective Modules

  • Health and Fitness 3N0531
  • Soccer Skills 3N2889
  • Art & Design 3N0608
  • Health Related Fitness 4N2666
  • Customer Service 4N1989
  • Textiles 4N2048
  • Workplace Safety 4N1124

“I’ve been at Sligo CTC for 2 years now and whether it is to fill a gap year, get fitter and healthier both physically or mentally, or to further your education, Sligo CTC is the perfect place to be.  All staff are very welcoming and will guide you in whatever direction in life you wish to choose. During my time in the centre I got to know more about myself and what I would like to do as a future career.  I have decided to go back to college to study sports science/nutrition”.


Sports Trainee


Successful completion of this course will result in a QQI Level 3 Employability Skills 3M0935 or Level 4 General Learning 4M2010 major award.


Further education and training or progress to our Linked Work Experience Programme.


Up to 2 years.