Check out our final post on ‘Social Distancing’.

Today our trainees share some great tips and suggestions for keeping busy and staying positive while social distancing.

“I would recommend people helping around the house keeping it up to date with sanitation due to covid-19 and to also try something new that they were gonna do but haven’t been able to do due to being busy with school work etc.”  ( Alex, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Regularly wash hands.  Not meeting people.  Keeping 2 metre distance.”  (Zikrullah, Computer Trainee)

“Colouring pages, watch movies, listen music, talk to your family.”  (Katie, Catering Trainee)

“To keep busy and positive go for walks or read a book.”  (Dylan, Computer Trainee)

“You could go for a run or walk. You could do some home workouts. Clean the house. Keep the mind busy.”  (Kyle, Sports Trainee)

“Check in on family, call your grandparents/older family.  Stay in touch with your friends.  Make sure to get out of the house for a walk every day, beneficial physically and mentally.”  (Anonymous, Sports Trainee)

“Going out for a cycle, walk or jog/Listening to music.”  (Joey, Computer Trainee)

“Stay safe, try not to go out as much and stay 2 meters away from people”  (Alice, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Plan time by doing various things on a day such as sports in the morning if you can read books and browse and arrange my room and that’s what I do but still boring”  (Ahmad, Computer Trainee)

“Buy a colouring book, get some puzzles, rearrange your room, go for runs, walks with your animals on your own, help around the house.  Fix up stuff around the house, do some exercises.”  (Makayla, Sports Trainee)

“Just do something you have been putting off.  I’ve been trying to make some extra money online buying stocks etc.”  (Oskar, Sports Trainee)

We’d like to thank our trainees for sharing their experiences and for setting such a fine example in following the government guidelines in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.