This week we’ll be posting some positive experiences and tips our trainees have been sharing with us about how they are coping with Social Distancing.

Today they tell us about all the things they’ve managed to achieve at home while social distancing.

“I have reorganised the bedroom, cleaned the house and even started back running by myself again.  I have learned that social distancing is something that everyone should take heed of.”  (Kyle, Sports Trainee)

“I have been keeping the chores up to date such as loading and reloading the dishwasher, doing the laundry and cleaning the floors.  I have also been able to improve my drawing skills and hope to start working on a story or a comic to keep me busy during the weeks of quarantine.”  ( Alex, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Babysitting my niece, I was helping to clean the house.” (Katie, Catering Trainee)

“Got the time to do things I enjoy I don’t usually have the time to do, spent more time with family.”  (Anonymous, Sports Trainee)

“I’ve started to read a book.”  (Reece, Computer Trainee)

I cleaned out my room and I’m doing things around the house to help out.”  (Makayla, Sports Trainee)

“I am working at home doing course work.  (Zikrullah, Computer Trainee)

“Done circuits daily.”  (Oskar, Sports Trainee)

“The positive thing is that I help the family clean the house and my room”  (Ahmad, Computer Trainee)”
“I have fixed up my room helped my mum around the house and watched films”  (Alice, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Painting the house, reorganising my wardrobe and working on cars.” (Dylan, Computer Trainee)

“Reorganised a few things in my room.”  (Joey, Computer Trainee)

“Cleaning and arranging the house, sterilizing cans from stores, sterilizing electronic devices, repairing things if needed and retrieving the family’s memories.”  (Anonymous, Computer Trainee)

Check back in tomorrow for more ‘Social Distancing’ tips from our trainees