All this week we are sharing our trainees’ experiences while social distancing.

Today we find out how they’ve been connecting with friends in a safe way.

“By using social networking apps and not visiting any of my friends.”  (Anonymous, Computer Trainee)

“I have been texting friends and face timing them to keep in contact and to make sure everything is alright on their ends.  Sometimes we even do things together such as to see who does a better job on cleaning their room etc.”  ( Alex, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Through online services like snapchat, Instagram and PlayStation.”  (Oskar, Sports Trainee)

“Video call, Snapchat, Instagram.”  (Anonymous, Sports Trainee)

“I have been connecting with friends through social media and online through video messaging.”  (Kyle, Sports Trainee)

“Video chatting, calls.”  (Katie, Catering Trainee)

“Went for a walk but kept our distance, face timing friends, snapchatting, phone calls, texts.”  (Makayla, Sports trainee)

“I have been texting them and checking up on them by text messages “  (Alice, Hairdressing Trainee)

“Facebook and Snapchat.” (Joey, Computer Trainee)

“Going for walks with the dogs and using social media.” (Dylan, Computer Trainee)

“I communicate with friends online phone call / text messages”  (Ahmad, Computer Trainee)

We’d like to thank our trainees for sharing their experiences and for setting such a fine example in following the government guidelines in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Check back in tomorrow for more ‘Social Distancing’ tips from our trainees.