Anti-Litter and Graffiti Awareness Project

During November Sligo CTC are involved in an anti-litter and graffiti awareness project.
The project has a number of elements.
1. A creative art mural wall piece that draws our student’s attention and awareness to littering. Visual Artist Catherine Fanning is working with the students to develop the imagery, design layout and will assist with the painting of our anti-litter mural. The site for the mural is situated at the rear of the CTC building.
2. A clean up walk around our community centre and local area. The walk area will be focused around the CTC which is situated between Doorly Park and the Sports Complex.
3. Over the duration of the project students will document all aspects of the work. This documentation will form part of our anti-litter awareness blog. Our blog will also display daily anti-litter and graffiti awareness posters designed by the computer students.
4. An anti-litter and graffiti awareness stand in our centre.

Aim of our project

The aim of our project is to build awareness around the issue of littering and graffiti. The age profile of students attending the Sligo CTC makes students highly susceptible to the issue of littering and graffiti.

The project aims to educate and build awareness with the assistance of a creative interactive approach. It is during the designing and creation of the mural that the subject and focus on positive anti-litter/graffiti dialogue can take place. Once the mural is completed it will be a permanent and constant anti-litter/graffiti message.  Littering is a habit; it has been learnt and can be with positive reinforcement unlearnt. To get across the anti-graffiti message the project will focus students creative flare in a more positive and socially acceptable creative outlet, students will learn to appreciate and value the pursuit of artwork that enhances their surrounding rather than that such as tagging which defaces wall and buildings.

Our project received funding from Sligo County Council and the ALAG Scheme 2016.