Pauline Kent gave an informational talk at the centre yesterday in which many trainees attended, we all found the information helpful and gave some of us the motivation to try and give up smoking. Pauline brought a jar full of tar to demonstrate how much tar a person who smokes 20 cigarettes a day for two years would have in their body, it was quite alot of tar and gave me and many other trainees a visual representation of how much damage we were doing. I also found some of the points Pauline brought up very interesting such as once you attempt to quit smoking you are much more likely to keep trying even if you fail which I found quite motivating, Pauline also highly recommended that when trying to quit it is very important to take up exercise as a way to relieve stress and replace the time with something more beneficial for your body. There are supports out there for people who wish to quit. A good website for further information and services is

Pauline works full time helping people quit and finding what works for each individual she helps. Personally I feel much more motivated after hearing the talk and I will be trying to quit with the supports available, if you wish to quit please contact your doctor or Pauline (information below) these services are free for medical card holders.

Pauline Kent
Sligo Smoking Cessation Specialist
Sligo University Hospital
071 9174547
087 0519789