The Food Pyramid

The food pyramid is designed to make healthy eating easier. Healthy eating is about getting the correct amount of nutrients – protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals you need to maintain good health.

Foods that contain the same type of nutrients are grouped together on each of the shelves of the Food Pyramid. This gives you a choice of different foods from which to choose a healthy diet. Following the Food Pyramid as a guide will help you get the right balance of nutritious foods within your calorie range. Studies show that we take in too many calories from foods and drinks high in fat, sugar and salt, on the top shelf of the Food Pyramid. They provide very little of the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. Limiting these is essential for healthy eating.

So in a nutshell, healthy eating involves:
Plenty of bread, rice, potatoes, pasta and cereals – going for the wholegrain varieties whenever you can
Plenty of fruit and vegetables
Some milk, cheese and yoghurt
Some meat, poultry, eggs, beans and nuts
A very small amount of fats and oils
And a very small amount or no food and drinks high in fat, sugar and salt

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