7 tips for working on your Mental Fitness

This week is Men’s Health Week. To mark this, ReachOut.com along with National Youth Council of Ireland are calling for men all over Ireland to work on their mental fitness.
Being mentally fit means being able to take on challenges, get through tough times and fully enjoy the things you do.

1. Sleep, sleep, sleep

Getting regular quality sleep can improve your concentration and energy levels, along with your mood.

2. Learn to relax, really relax

Take a few minutes everyday to really wind down, switch off and relax. There are a number of ways to do this, walking, running, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation or whatever works for you.
Just make sure to find something to help you clear your mind and give yourself a break, at least once everyday.

3. Work out the things you enjoy…

… and make time for them. Whether it’s playing sport, reading or cooking good food, making time for the things we enjoy helps us deal with stress better.

4. Identify your strengths

Sometimes we can get so hung up comparing ourselves to others, we don’t recognise what we’re good at. Work out what your strengths are and remind yourself of them often.

5. Face challenges early on

Try not to put off dealing with potentially difficult situations as negative thoughts of them can build up. When facing a challenge start by imagining all possible outcomes and prepare for each case.
You will then be better prepared to face that situation. You might also find that it’s the not worst case scenario you anticipated.

6. Ask for help

It may sound obvious but  asking for advice about anything that might be bothering you can really help. If anything, being able to talk it through with someone you trust can give you a bit of perspective.

7. Take stock of your networks

We all have friends, family and other people in our lives who can support us in tough times. Figure out who the people are in your life that you can go to for support when you need it.

8. Do WorkOut (secret extra tip)

To improve and maintain your mental fitness, download WorkOut to your phone and start taking some missions to help you with goal setting, identifying your strengths, regulating your sleep and much more!

Taken from http://ie.reachout.com –  Helping you to get through tough times