6 Ways exercise is good for you J

The mind and body are not separate. What affects one affects the other.

We are often taught how important it is to exercise. Although many people can’t stand the idea of sweating it comes with many benefits that help your physical and mental health. These benefits include:

1. Avoid Future complications 
Exercising for at least one hour every day helps to avoid diseases such as diabetes. Heart disease, bad cholesterol, heart attacks and much more. Although we might think I’ll deal with that when the time comes it’s best to start now and your future self will gladly thank you. 

2. Exercise is a great energy booster
Believe it or not but exercise gives you a boost of energy. So skip the bottle of Lucozade and put on those runners if you feel tired or fatigued exercise can solve that problem. Exercising helps oxygen flow to the brain therefore keeping you awake.

3. Exercise increases your confidence 
For me personally I love the feeling of getting an intense workout done. I really feel like I achieved something and you should too. If any of you battled with self-esteem issues exercising will give you a kick and make you feel good about yourself. The great thing about exercise is that you are in full control. You choose the workout and you choose the intensity level. It’s important that we feel happy and comfortable in our skin. A healthy body equals a healthy mind. 

4. It helps you forget about any problems in your life for a while. 
Mental health is without a doubt a growing discussion in society today. I’m sure we have all had worries that we just wish would leave our heads. And I don’t think there is any greater feeling then putting in the earphones blaring some music and running. Whether it is you are struggling with anxiety depression financial difficulties fighting with friends or family. Exercise can take you away from all of that for a while and be a great escape from reality.

5. Exercise boosts your mood 
When exercising a group of hormones called endorphins sweep in to help create a better mood. We all feel down at some stage in our life and that is completely normal. If you have a stressful day at college work or school and need to let out some steam exercising can help you feel a lot happier and relaxed.

6. Exercise helps to sharpen your memory 
Have you ever struggled with learning some information for an exam or test? Recent studies show that exercise basically strengthens your mind i.e. the happy chemicals in your brain. Your mind is getting stronger when your heart is getting stronger.  

(Taken from spunout.ie)  www.spunout.ie