Sligo CTC is a health promoting centre and is constantly promoting physical activity in the centre.  We have a dedicated Sports and Recreation course instructed by Danny and Steve and it is open to males and females aged 16 – 21 years. We offer a wide range of fitness modules including Health & Fitness and Soccer and also provide the opportunity for learners to participate in a variety of activities such as soccer, golf, basketball, yoga, pilates, hiking, walking, swimming, cycling etc.  We are very lucky to have our own centre gym and we have a lads active programme on offer for other male trainees in the centre.  The centre also takes part in Gaisce, one of the challenges is physical recreation and this involves becoming physically stronger and improving fitness.

In normal times when we are in the centre, as part of the sports and recreation course, Danny  facilitates a variety of fitness classes in the gym every morning,  This is a snap shot of a class back in February 2020.

Hiking with Gaisce

Sports trainees in the centre gym

Soccer at the Astro pitch