Gardening is good for your mental wellbeing and physical health.  It is great exercise and it helps you relieve stress and be present in the moment.  Gardening can cultivate calm and resilience in any situation.  We are lucky enough to have a beautiful garden in the centre thanks to Aideen’s passion for gardening.  The trainees get involved planting vegetables, herbs, flowers etc and maintain it on a daily basis during the summer months.  This is a tranquil space for trainees to enjoy and switch off and we all get to eat the final produce!

Get out in the garden today for #RestoringTheBalance for Men’s Health Week 2020.

Summer 2019 🍀

Our Raspberries 😋

Our strawberries are ready to pick and taste delicious 🍓


Today your seedlings are ready to be transplanted and it’s understandable to be a little worried about putting them out into the world. Have faith that they’re going to thrive, as long as you handle your little plants with the care they need. Once set up for success, they’ll do the hard work from here. 
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