Healthy Eating
Always start your morning with something that will fill you up and will be a slow release of energy (Porridge, Weetabix, Granola and Yoghurt). It will be a great booster for your day.

Why exercise is key
When your starting life you might not know much about keeping fit but as we learn now, exercising can prevent a lot of illnesses early and make your body prepared for any challenges. It also increases the levels in your brain so you can cope with stress more and overcome obstacles.

How to start
There are so many different types of ways of keeping fit. You need to explore and see how much you are willing to do. You can start off as simple as stretching for a half hour in the morning, even yoga would be as good. This will encourage you to take on the day and you will feel more positive.

How to keep going
It’s always hard to keep yourself motivated every day. As long as you set yourself a goal and what you want to achieve. Write yourself a timetable of different exercises you want to do and set yourself a day and time you are free and try to keep to it. Here is a website of some simple exercises you could start with and try it for a week every day.