Linked Work Experience

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Course Overview

The Linked Work Experience (LWE) is a 6-month, 30 hours-a-week programme that provides an opportunity for a learner to gain on-the-job experience having completed their course in the CTC.  The learner is paid a training allowance during their placement and ongoing support is provided by the linked work coordinator who works closely and collaboratively with the employer.

Prior to Linked Work Experience

Before completing their course in the Community training Centre, the learner will work with the LWE Coordinator to help identify their interests and opportunities for LWE. An exit plan will be devised for the learner which will have a list of company preferences as well as alternatives that may not involve using the LWE programme, such as courses, PLCs, apprenticeships etc.


While on Linked Work Experience

The learner will receive first-hand experience from an experienced company mentor. Over the duration of the six months, the LWE Coordinator will work closely with the company and the trainee to offer guidance and support to the trainee and lease with the mentor about any issues that may arise. The Coordinator will also work with the learner and mentor to make sure there is a plan in at the end of LWE.


6 months.

“My name is Laura Doyle and I done level 3 hairdressing in Leitrim CTC. When I finished I decided to do Linked Work in Wiggy’s Hair Salon having previously done work experience there. I am enjoying working and learning from my boss and watching what she does, I am learning a lot and loving it. I can still get help from the CTC if I need and that is a great comfort. After my linked work I plan to do the Level 5 hairdressing course in the ETB”.

Laura Doyle

Wiggy's Hair Salon

“Having completed the catering course in the centre I have started work in Synergy Café on the Linked Work programme. The placement and interview was organised for me and it is very helpful to have support while I am working. Synergy Café has also agreed to employ me at the end so I am very happy to be given the opportunity of Linked Work”.

Rhys Flanagan

Synergy Café