Course Overview

This course introduces the learner to the exciting world of hairdressing in a modern salon environment. Training takes place in a manner that develops your skills as a hairdresser and provides the foundation for further training in a salon.

Learners practical hairdressing skills will be developed while working through Blow Drying & Roller Setting modules, while the day-to-day salon operations and maintenance will be covered in the Reception & Shampooing Skills module.

Work Experience is a major component of the hairdressing programme and will be offered to all successful participants.

Modules Available on this Course

Level 3 Mandatory Modules

  • Application of Number 3N0928
  • Communications 3N0880
  • Word Processing 3N0588
  • Work Experience 3N0587

Level 4 Mandatory Modules

  • Communications 4N0689
  • Functional Mathematics 4N2138
  • Information Technology Skills 4N1125
  • Personal Effectiveness 4N1132
  • Work Experience 4N1168

Elective Modules

  • Reception and Shampooing Skills 3N0533
  • Blow Drying Hair 3N0500
  • Roller Setting 3N0893
  • Art & Design 3N0608
  • Cultural Studies 4N3400
  • Textiles 4N2048

“My experience with the CTC was great from start to finish. During my time in the CTC I was in hairdressing where I also completed cultural studies.  All of the staff were very welcoming and understanding, and the hairdressing course was very good I learnt a lot by doing it. After completing my course I started the link work programme in a local hair salon and then to ETB Level 5 hairdressing course where I am presently training”.


Past Hairdressing Trainee


Successful completion of this course will result in a QQI Level 3 Employability Skills 3M0935 or Level 4 General Learning 4M2010 Major Award.


  • Successful candidates may progress to MSLETB Level 5 hairdressing course
  • Progress onto Linked Work Experience Programme (Up to 6 months salon/work placement)


Up to 2 years.