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Some routine jobs:

  • Thinning:  Thin your salad leaves (rocket and oriental greens) down so that there is a 3cm gap between seedlings, if you want to aim for two or more harvests from them.
  • Leave the salad leaves alone for one large harvest.
  • Thin radishes to 3cm between each seedling.
  • Thin spinach to 10cm between seedlings for now.
  • Harvest all the leaves you’re thinning as you go for a microgreens salad.
  • Weeding: Remove weeds between rows of carrot seedlings, ideally with a hoe.
  • Remove weeds within carrot rows with a more precise tool, like a hand-hoe, trowel or your own hand.
  • Thin carrot seedlings as you remove weeds within the row, leaving 5cm between each one.
  • Supporting:  Make sure to get supports in for your peas before they grow taller than 20cm.
  • Use branches, bamboo canes or something upcycled as supports for your peas.