Hi Everyone

Let’s keep up the CTC Sunflower Growing Competition!  This is a lovely gardening project to work on over the weekend!

Most supermarkets are selling seeds so who ever goes shopping ask them to get a pack for you. 
What you will need:

  • Pack of sunflower seeds – approx. €3.00  
  • Good garden soil or compost
  • Containers or pots:  Any pots or containers you can find ie yogurt / ice cream cartons and put a drainage hole in the bottom.  – do this safely!
  • Clear plastic bags
  • Water

What to do:
1. Fill the containers to the brim with compost or good textured soil from the garden.  Give the pot a tap down to settle the soil.

2. Make a small 1.5cm deep hole in the centre of the pot and pop in the seed.  Cover the seed lightly with soil and then water.  In bigger pots put 2 -3 spaced apart.

3. Place the pots on a tray to catch the water and put them some were warm like a window sill.  To really start the germination, place a plastic bag on top of the pot.  This will keep them warm and gets the seed to germinate.

4. Don’t forget to water every few days.

5. Seedlings should take 14–21 days to germinate.  Once they start looking strong remove the plastic and soon you can start moving them out doors to a nice sunny part of your garden or yard. They can now be transplanted into bigger containers or straight into the flowerbeds.

Take photos at different stages and hopefully by July you should have some Big Happy Flowers.
Enjoy and always wash our hands!!  Aideen