Hi All

If you feel like some light exercise and mindful relaxation, after being stuck at home, try and get out into your garden or yard and give it a Spring Clean!!

Here are a few ideas that you could do at home and you don’t need any fancy tools but do wear gloves and old boots or wellies.

– Always wash your hands after and work safely.

– Have a look around and see what tools you can find: a brush, spade, old kitchen fork and knife, box to put leaves in etc…

– Take a BEFORE PHOTO AND PLAN your to do list.

– Make sure you include loads of cups of tea and biscuits breaks!

The following are a few ideas you could do depending on the area:

  • Give the area a good sweep and pick out all bits of rubbish that are not for the compost bin.
  • Using an old knife dig out the weeds and dirt in any paving or tarmac.
  • Rake or just hand pick all those sticks the birds have dropped and put them in a box. They are perfect for lighting the fire.
  • Pull and cut back any dead leaves but make sure you have your gloves on.
  • If you have a lawn it’s a good idea to punch holes in it with a garden fork to loosen the compacted soil from all the rain and let the air into the roots. 
  • Likewise dig and loosen any compacted areas and let the air back in to the soil.
  • If you have a lawn mower only top the grass.  Note: Do not start your lawn mower without its first service of oil, spark plug cleaning etc.  Check the safety guidelines and manual.

The BEST BIT is now you can sit back and relax and admire all you’ve done!!!
(If you are An Gaisce trainees please record on your Record Sheet and take a before and after photo!)

Enjoy 😊