We are very lucky to have an outdoor green gym located in Doorly Park beside the centre. The outdoor green gym is designed to offer a workout for all abilities, from beginners to experts and from young adults to the elderly. Outdoor gyms have the same low-impact, resistance-based equipment found at indoor gyms, but with the added bonus of the lovely views and fresh air included.
Sligo Borough Council has provided a wide range of equipment to suit all needs which offers a range of exercise opportunities. This green gym provides a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy fitness and healthy active living for free.  As part of health promotion in the centre some of the trainees participated in a 6 week programme offered by Sligo Sports and Recreation Partnership.
For information on the outdoor gym programme please go to http://www.sligosportandrecreation.ie/ 

Pictured above are photos taken by trainees of the Outdoor Green Gym