Top tips

Always be aware that cyclists are vulnerable road users.
The RSA recommends that children younger than 12 should not ride bicycles in
any type of traffic.

  • Know how to control your bike before cycling in traffic.
  • Never weave in and out of traffic. Stay in your lane and signal your turns.
  • Always cycle with the flow of traffic.
  • Never hold on to a moving vehicle.
  • Never wear an mp3 player or iPod or use a mobile phone when you are cycling.
  • Always obey the Rules of the Road. Other road users will respect you more if you respect the rules.
  • Think ahead. Think about what drivers may do. Catch their eye.
  • Ride well clear of the kerb. It will help drivers to see you and will prevent your pedal hitting the kerb. You also have more room to move if you come across obstacles or if vehicles pass too close to you.
  • Show drivers what you plan to do. Always look and signal before you start, stop or turn.
  • Ride a straight line past parked cars rather than be constantly weaving in and out.
  • Ride positively and decisively. It helps motorists to understand what you plan to do.
  • Keep well back from motor vehicles in case they brake.
  • Never cycle on a footpath unless it has a cycle track. Use cycle tracks and or lanes where provided.
  • Never cycle side by side with more than one cyclist.
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