Cyber Bullying
Cyber bullying involves unwanted messages, images, audio or video sent by electronic means to threaten abuse or harm someone. It’s like physical or verbal bullying, but used technology instead. 
Examples of cyber bullying include but are not limited to:
Ø  Abusive messages or slagging on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat
Ø  Offensive comments on videos or posts.
Ø  Spreading rumours online.
Ø  Hacking into your online accounts
Ø  Posting offensive images or posting doctored images of victims.
Why do bullies bully?
Ø  They think it’s fun
Ø  They do it to get back at somebody they are mad at (common amongst friends after a trigger event).
Ø  They feel bad about themselves.

How to avoid it?
Ø  Never give out your passwords
Ø  Restrict your privacy settings
Ø  Learn how to block and report
Ø  Pick your friends carefully
Ø  Be kind to other people online
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