Homemade Lasagne
500g beef mince (5% fat is healthier for you)
1 tablespoon of oil/frylight
1 onion diced
2 cloves of garlic crushed (you can buy pureed in a tube it’s handier)
2 carrots grated
3 smoked rashers chopped (smoked bacon lardons are handy all the work done for you)
150g grated cheese
1 beef stock pot
Tsp of oregano
Tsp of tomato puree
1 tin of chopped tomatoes
Approx. 10 lasagne sheets
Ovenproof dish

White sauce
50g butter
50g plain flour
150mls of milk (low fat, full fat or skimmed whatever you prefer)
Salt & pepper
1. Preheat oven 180°C
2. In a deep pan or a pot heat some oil or frylight sauté (fry) the onion, garlic and the bacon for 2/3 minutes.
3. Add in the mince and cook until brown then add in the grated carrot.
4. Add the tomato puree, oregano and stockpot.
5. Fry until the stockpot has dissolved and everything is mixed together.
6. Add in the tin of chopped tomatoes and salt &pepper and leave to simmer while you make the white sauce.

White sauce method
In a pot add the butter on a low heat to prevent it burning.
When it is melted turn down the heat completely and add in flour and stir with a wooden spoon until all mixed (it will look like dried dough).
Gradually add in the milk whisking constantly do not stop whisking until it has thickened and it is a smooth consistency. Add in S&P and more milk if you think it needs it.
Take off the heat set aside and now you can assemble your lasagne.
Assemble Lasagne
Remove the meat off the heat and start to layer your lasagne with half the meat in your ovenproof dish.
Place a layer of lasagne sheets to cover the meat (if they don’t fit evenly don’t panic you can break them to fit).
Cover with half of the white sauce to cover the sheets and then add half of your grated cheese.
Finish with the remaining meat and another layer of lasagne sheets, pour over the remaining white sauce and cover with the rest of the grated cheese.
Place in preheated oven for 30/40 mins check by sticking a knife through it and if the lasagne sheets are soft it’s done.
Enjoy – nice with oven or homemade wedges/chips and garlic bread.

Recipe by Lisa (CTC Chef)