Apple Pie


600g Bramley Apples
100g Sugar
2 Cloves
Sugar Pastry for 1 Pie
1 Medium egg
50g Sugar
115g Margarine
200g Flour
Pinch of salt

1.    Peel, core and slice the apples.
2.   Cook gently with in a small ammount of water, sugar and cloves. Remove cloves and let cool once apples are soft.
3.   Sieve the flour and salt , add the sugar. Lightly rub in the margarine to a sandy texture. 
4.   Make a well in the centre. add in the beaten egg. 
5.   Gradually incorporate the flour and mix to a smooth paste. Rest pastry in fridge before using.

To assemble Pie:
1.   Half the pastry. Roll out half of pastry on a floured surface. 
2.  Place on a greased oven proof plate. Remove any air pockets.
3.  Trim with a sharp knife. Add cooled apple in the centre. spread a few drops of water around edge of place to help the two layers of pastry to stick.
4.  Roll out other half of pastry place on top of apple covering edges of plate. Seal the two layers of pastry by pressing down fingers, trim the edges with a knife. 
5.  Make 3 small incisions on top of pastry to release steam during baking, egg wash pie top and bake at 180oC for 30 minutes.

Recipe by Emma