Course Overview

This course primarily focuses on preparation for work in an office environment, but it may also be used as a foundation for entry to further training.  This course provides computer training in all commonly used software applications and will give you a strong knowledge in computers and office applications. Learners also get the opportunity to complete ICDL. This covers all the skills needed to use technology for learning and working in an online world. On this course, learners can also engage in digital art and digital photography for the purpose of updating and maintaining the Centre blog.


Modules Available on this Course

Level 3 Mandatory Modules

  • Application of Number 3N0928
  • Communications 3N0880
  • Word Processing 3N0588
  • Work Experience 3N0587

Level 4 Mandatory Modules

  • Communications 4N0689
  • Functional Mathematics
  • Information Technology Skills 4N1125
  • Personal Effectiveness 4N1132
  • Work Experience 4N1168

Elective Modules

  • Spreadsheets 3N0542
  • Database Applications 3N0550
  • Desktop Publishing 3N0551
  • Art & Design 3N0608
  • Computer Applications 4N1112
  • Data Entry 4N1113
  • Business English 4N1108
  • Textiles 4N2048
  • ICDL

“School wasn’t working out with bullying and stress but I still wanted to be able to achieve my level 4 major award which is the equivalent of a Leaving Cert and to give myself a stepping stone into doing a PLC.  I have achieved level 3 and level 4 modules in computers and I’m also working on my ICDL.  I am in the process of working on other modules including Textiles, Communications and I passed my level 4 Maths. There’s no pressure with deadlines unlike school and it’s a very accepting and understanding place”.


Computer Trainee


Successful completion of this course will result in a QQI Level 3 Employability Skills 3M0935 or Level 4 General Learning 4M2010 Major Award.

Accreditation in ICDL – International Computer Driving Licence.


Further education and training or progress to our Linked Work Experience Programme.


Up to 2 years.